Well now. Amazon has use issued three new Kindle models.
We’re eager to have a look at the specifications of these new devices and how our graphic novels look on them. After extensive testing, we’d concluded that Kindle wasn’t the best platform for our illustrated works, in comparison to the iPad (in Apple iBook format). This may change with the introduction of the new Fire model and the possibility of better e-ink display on the new non-tablet Kindles.

Beyond the mechanical considerations, and the possible complication of new versions of the ePub format, it remains to be seen how readers react. Are people getting device fatigue? (Or are we just projecting, looking at all the gadgets in our lab?) Still, we’re optimistic. Our gold standard is looking at what people are using on the New York subway–not very scientific, but if a device can hold up in that environment (and pass the “dork factor” test), we think it’s worth considering as a publishing platform.

Stay tuned!

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