About Shoto Press

Shoto Press is a small, independent, US-based publishing house started in 2002. We are dedicated to bringing the best fiction to our readers in a variety of innovative formats.

We have imprints dedicated to our award-winning graphic novels (“Shoto Press”) and literary prose fiction (“Shoto Press Black Seal”). Our catalog of published and upcoming titles features the work of three authors, nine illustrators, and one photographer.

Our name is taken from the Shōtō district in Tokyo. An oasis of serenity in the middle of one of the world’s busiest cities, Shōtō (“pine hill”) is a neighborhood that pays equal homage to tradition and progress, where the imposing gates and lovely iris gardens of the Meiji Shrine are just a brisk walk away from Shibuya’s bustling Hachiko Crossing.

Echoing this study in contrasts, Shoto Press is both a family company and an international business entity, with contributors, partners, and team members in the US, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, and India.

Our authors and illustrators are available for appearances and signings. Interested parties should contact us for more information.

In 2010, Shoto Press started the exciting process of moving over to digital publishing. We are proud to offer our books in Amazon Kindle and Apple iBook formats. (See our notes about digital publishing formats and what went into our decisions regarding which formats to adopt.)

Please note the absence of submissions guidelines. Our editorial calendar has been planned for the next several years, and we have a set process for bringing on contibutors. We are not currently accepting any unsolicited manuscripts, story ideas, or artist portfolios, though this may change in the future. At present, as much as we’d like to and as much as we support independent creators of fiction in spirit, we will not be able to return materials you send us, develop your ideas, provide you with collaborators, or respond to inquiries about publishing your work.